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HailmaryChoice. Path. Consequence. Solution.

Hailmary blaze forth with a debut album that emphatically underlines their position as one of the best independent acts in Australia.

Hailmary use an Alice In Chainsey grunge as the bedrock for their sound, building on that with brightly coruscating riffs and a pummelling backline, topped off with Kevin Curran’s vocals.

From the proto-metal of Yellow Light Of Death, through the glorious Reminiscence. Two Wrongs and Weighing You Down wear their Seattle influence on their sleeve – but a brightness sets Hailmary apart from being mere copyists.  Yesterday’s Friend burrows deep, its melody and driving jackhammer riff replaying in your head for days to come, while Monday Mundane is a tailor-made anthem for not wanting the weekend to end.

Choice. Path. Consequence. Solution. is a magnificent album, showcasing the leaps forward the band have taken as players as they’ve toured more and more over the last couple of years.

Mature, edgy songwriting and standout performances highlight that Hailmary are ready to take the prize, and CPCS just needs to be heard by the right people for the offers to start rolling in.


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