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GYROSCOPE “Told you we never broke up”

have announced their first studio recordings since 2010 with the release of a double A-sided single Crooked Thought/DABS, out now. They have also announced a tour, including a show at The Rosemount Hotel on Friday, January 19. Adelaide’s Horror My Friend will support, as well as The Faim in Perth.

This is the first studio recordings since their fourth album Cohesion which debuted at number three on the ARIA charts, the follow up to their number one album Breed Obsession.

Dan Sanders from Gyroscope says: “We all share the same drive to this day that drove us since the beginning. We get together on occasion for some boozy and slightly stoney evenings up at my home studio The Cabin. Sometimes through the thick haze and big beer walls we get a glimpse of an idea, and if we are lucky enough to persuade it a little, it grows.

“The songs aren’t about anything in particular. Well, sort of. Some words mean some things to me. Some mean others. I’ll leave the meanings for you to figure out. Told you we never broke up.”

Crooked Thought/DABS is out now. Gyroscope play Rosemount Hotel on Friday, January 19. 

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