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Guy J


Israeli deep electronica stalwart Guy J brings his distinctive touch to compile a spacious, layered mix album for Australian label, Balance.

Among the track selections, Guy features his own remixes of Roger Martinez and Secret Cinema’s deep house groove Menthol Raga,  Henry Saiz and Fab Morvan’s Santa Fe and Robert Babicz’ Duba.

He’s put a lot of work into the record, 10 of the tracks being his own remixes, while the other three are personal edits. The emotive lyrics and reflective tone of various tracks reflect the serious and purposeful intent of Guy and his music: to invoke an emotional response in the listener, sharing his own favourite tracks and leaving an imprint on his audience.

This inspiring approach to his work makes you stop and listen to appreciate the man’s drive and passion for deep, underground vibes that ignore trends and have no interest in popularity. This is a record to listen to in solitude in your spare time, suited to aiding in relaxation and provoking thoughts, and resulting in an album with such a strength of personality behind it enhances the listening experience.

Documenting what your music means is the most pivotal aspect of songwriting and producing music, and Guy J gets that.


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