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Guttermouth - Photo by Dave Mullins
Guttermouth – Photo by Dave Mullins


The Decline, Them Sharks, Blindspot

The Rosemount Hotel

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Guttermouth have spent the last 25 years making punk rock albums and causing trouble. Their 2013 tour of Australia, which was supposedly their last, was a disaster with fans and venues alike distancing themselves from the band – calling them everything from a train wreck to downright disgusting. After a stint in a Mexican prison, frontman Mark Adkins promised cleaner and tighter shows this time round. While the promise held true, it seems that it was more ‘slightly less intoxicated’ as opposed to ‘clean and sober.’

Opening up the night were Perth’s fun-loving rascals, Blindspot. The boys are quickly making a name for themselves with sets of boisterous and catchy songs. Their single You’re So Phoney has recently been picked up by triple j, so things are really looking up for them. Despite being on early they managed to bring a decent crowd to the front of the room for their whole set. Up next were funking reggae rockers, Them Sharks. Faced with the challenge of being a reggae act in a sandwich of punk bands meant they had their work cut out for them, but the disparity between them and them and the rest of the acts only serves to ingratiate them. Each song is a dance number, every hook is perfection – Them Sharks take pride in their inimitability and the crowd loves them for it.

The Decline are a headline act within in their own right, in fact they have being touring the country in support of their latest single Giving Up Is A Gateway Drug. With the recent departure of members Dan Cribb and Nathan Cooper, this was the first time many of their local fans would see them perform in the current line-up. They played through both new and old songs, giving newbie Ben Elliot plenty of chances to show just how amazing a vocalist he is. The Decline will continue to move forward with a new album due out within a few months.

Guttermouth wandered onto the stage with their usual reverence, Adkins clasping a bottle of wine in his hand proclaiming that it was “…cheaper than beer.” The crowd spilled onto the stage almost immediately as Guttermouth launched into their set; Adkins leaning and screaming into the faces of his fans. The no-fucks-given attitude of the band was epitomised in a cover of World Up My Ass, a song originally by the Circle Jerks. It was a telling sign that the years have done nothing to placate them and that their enthusiasm for punk rock was as strong as ever.

“I know the politically correct movement has swept your country like the black plague did Europe,”  Adkins jabbed at the crowd after taking some time to make fun of the Soundwave Festival. It was clear he not only loved the attention, but was still the class clown, taunting and engaging the crowd at every possible moment. As they burned through their set the madness only intensified. Fans stole microphones to sing along, stage dived and accosted the band at every chance they got. But it was all part of the show for Adkins, he leapt into the crowd, skolled beer and shared sweat with fans without thought or hesitation – this was his comfort zone – the madness and chaos a passenger to the music that has defined his life for so many years.

Despite the frenzy of their performance, Guttermouth show nothing but love for their craft. Adkins had a smile on his face throughout the entire show, and it’s part of what makes them so much fun – knowing that they are sharing the ride, rather than just taking you on it. With new material on the way it seems that Guttermouth won’t be slowing down anytime in the near future.



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