GUM @ The Sewing Room gets 6.5/10

GUM @ The Sewing Room
w/ Leopard Lake, Worried About Lizards
Friday, October 20, 2017


It had all the makings of a great show. The newly opened Sewing Room was filled with people, checking it out, and it is a cool venue. The band is a supergroup of sorts, with Scarlett Stevens (San Cisco), Ali Flintoff (BOAT SHOW, Dream Rimmy), and Jenny Aslett (BOAT SHOW, Gunns et al) joining GUM for his live set, but the show just wasn’t as great as what it could have been.

Worried About Lizards

The first support of the night, Worried About Lizards, played some ambient tunes as people started to trickle in to the venue. Then Leopard Lake hit the stage and played some cool songs with really great lyrics.

Leopard Lake

The crowd got excited when GUM hit the stage with his super band, and the first few songs were off to a good start, although Jay Watson’s voice didn’t sound quite as good as usual. This was confirmed when he mentioned he had a cold.


As the set went on, this seemed to affect the songs more and more. It also didn’t help that the band and Jay were struggling to get the sound levels they were after, having to constantly ask the sound guy to fix it between each song.


The band also had to completely restart one song after getting it wrong the first time. Unfortunately these external factors could not be helped, but they did take the show from being a great or good show to an average one.


Despite this, the crowd enjoyed the hits, Anesthetized Lesson, New Eyes, Television Sick, Misunderstanding and Gemini, and by the end of the set, it did regain the enjoyment factor.


Photos by Linda Dunjey Photography