GUM Airwalkin’ gets 7.5/10


Spinning Top


GUM is the moniker for Jay Watson, a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and member of both Tame Impala and Pond. As part of the wider Impala/Spinning Top record label family, GUM’s music has the same swirling psychedelic feel of Tame but often with a tighter feel and even more overt focus on groove and electronics. Latest single Airwalkin’ illustrates this handily, one of GUM’s hardest-hitting tunes to date.

With such well-realised production, this song succeeds from the opening seconds. The beat meshes a phased, caterwauling string section against blasts of distorted synth and hard percussion. The lyrics hardly matter but they give the song some mean r’n’b-laced attitude. Prince, anyone?

With electro synths and vocoder coming in later in the piece, it would all sound silly if it wasn’t so damn convincing. If Tame Impala’s latest album was a bit softer than you would’ve liked, indulge in this for a funkier and harder-edged take on that patented Freo psych sound.