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GUIDED BY VOICES Dr. Feelgood Falls Off The Ocean gets 9/10


Guided By Voices
Dr. Feelgood Falls Off The Ocean


Everyone’s favourite beer swilling, college no-hit pitching, high kicking, trash talking, former teacher-come-indie rock champion, Robert Pollard has again reformed his flagship group Guided By Voices. Along for the ride this time are stalwarts Doug Gillard and Kevin March as well as GBV newcomers Bobby Bare Jr and Mark Shue. The band’s latest record (a 32 song double album) titled August By Cake, will be released next month and is Pollard’s 100th album (you read that right!)

The first taste of the latest Pollard opus comes in the form of Dr. Feelgood Falls Off The Ocean, which comes in at an economical two minutes while still being jam packed with ideas from Uncle Bob. March kicks thing off with a beat that is more akin to an LCD Soundsystem tune than the often chaotic Dayton rockers are prone to. Sought after guitar virtuoso Gillard knows when to jump in with some well played riffs that will ear-worm you for days to come.

Pollard has a knack of stream of consciousness lyrics, with “the houseplant is dying, I think it needs water” being charmingly placed amidst grand notions. Dr. Feelgood Falls Off The Ocean doesn’t comply with the standard idea of pop writing with an understated chorus, yet is melodically rich from start to finish with a band that gives Pollard his most versatile sonic weapon to date.

From this taster it appears that August By Cake could be the jewel in the crown of a band that has already placed its formidable stamp on the history of indie rock.




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