Gruff Rhys


American Interior

Turnstile Music/Caroline


Gruff Rhys became a music staple in the UK while leading his band of Welsh psychedelic pop benders Super Fury Animals and more recently in the electronic duo, Neon Neon. Returning to life as a solo artist, Rhys chronicles the Welsh explorer John Evans, who set off to America to find the Madogwys – a tribe of Welsh speaking native Americans.

The opening tracks of American Interior set the scene with the cinematic, melodic and psychedelic pop that slowly builds in a manner that Rhys has come to master over the years. The skiffle of 100 Unread Messages is a brilliant blend of Punk’s Not Dead and Benny Hill that is a perfect backdrop for an American exploration.

American Interior is anything but half-arsed with Rhys offering an approach to his music that is more layered than a Sara Lee dessert. Lost Tribes is light on words but big on harmony, as Rhys travels much territory throughout the album with only a brief dalliance into his native Welsh tongue.

American Interior is a solid retracing of the steps of John Evans which would have some curiosity value for historians, but regardless of the back story, it is as diverse and solid a release as Rhys has put his hand to since Super Fury Animals heyday.