GRINSPOON @ Metro City gets 8.5/10

Grinspoon Guide To Better Living @ Metro City
w/ Hockey Dad, Good Boy
Friday, August 25, 2017


Like sharks in the ocean, Grinspoon were perfectly attuned to their environment on stage at Metro City for their Guide To Better Living national tour. Playing to a sold out crowd that was packed to the ceiling with people of all ages, the post-grunge veterans embarked on a celebration of 20 years of creating and playing classic Aussie rock.

It’s been two decades since Grinspoon released their debut album and have stepped up to the plate with a weighty 27 date national tour that starts in Western Australia and continues through to Adelaide and then visits other states like NSW, Queensland and Canberra. After somewhat of hiatus, the band should be ready to deliver an explosive tour and, if the Metro City performance is anything to go by, then no one will walk away disappointed.

Support for Grinspoon came in the more than capable form of Good Boy and Hockey Dad, who worked well to amp the crowd up, with Hockey Dad delivering an impressive performance for a two piece of drums and guitar. Although seated, drummer Billy Fleming was exceptionally animated from behind his kit throughout and opted to sing for a few tracks as well.

Before entering the stage, Grinspoon knew how to work the crowd and as the hour became close for them to start their show, an enthusiastic crowd were already eagerly chanting the band’s name, anxious for the show to start. Some of the long serving fans on social media had made light hearted jokes about the ten o’clock start with comments about their bedtime and what have you, but when Grinspoon burst onto the stage it was like the first time 20 years ago.

No introduction was necessary as they played Guide to Better Living‘s first three songs straight off the bat to the expectant crowd. Lead singer, guitarist and frontman, Phil Jamieson launched himself towards the front of the stage and into the warm reception of the Perth crowd.

The evening was filled with favourites that spanned their whole career. Starting with early releases like DC X 3, Grinspoon were keen to take everyone on a musical journey through their discography. Engaging with the crowd, Jamieson said “welcome to Metro city, we’re back!” to which, everyone exploded with admiration. Throughout the performance the crowd were in strong voice for songs like Post Enebriated Anxiety and Repeat.

The highlight of the show was arguably a pre-encore performance by Jamieson, off stage, on top of the bar with a mic stand, acoustic guitar and spotlight above a sea of heads. The audience were clearly ecstatic to be given a more intimate view of the Grinspoon frontman. All members of the band delivered a monumental show, exuding an energy as lively as the first time the band played on stage.

Following the album, the encore brought all the classics, from Chemical Heart, Lost Control, Redy 1 and No Reason to the final one-two of Hard Act to Follow and More Than You Are.

If Perth’s show is anything to go by, Adelaide can expect to be in for a heart stopping, energetic performance on the next leg of their Guide To Better Living tour.

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