Civic Hotel, Inglewood

Saturday, January 18, 2014


It is a small world if you like death metal the classical Swedish way, but Grave are an outfit that have always done it right. Now in their 26th year, their attitude remains just as it did all those years ago – a delicious slab of hearty death metal with no strings attached.

It was actually hard to believe this was Sanzu’s second show. Debuting earlier this year, the band touts former and current members from local mainstays like Malignant Monster, Tusk and Animistic. It’s that eclectic mix and obvious love for the stage that have turned these early bloomers into a well-oiled technical machine. And it’s the first time this reviewer has ever seen a slow clap for a band, mid-set – highly entertaining.

Inanimacy have almost had a meteoric rise since 2011. Funnily enough, the band had also been on a line-up with the Swedish headliners before – but this was no meat-and-veg slot. Just the second show with their new drummer Brendan Nock (Nails of Imposition), Inanimacy has gone to a whole new level. Seriously evil riffs, a vocal range from Jamie Kay that’s nothing short of succinct and the addition of Nock – a combination that will see them go far.

Deathfuckingcunt – the name has never been subtle. But they have been a mainstay around Perth for a long time now. This is one band that have always done things their own way – and they have got more serious about themselves in the process. That is if you can put the constantly sound bites about ‘testicles’ and ‘big breasts’ aside. Highlight track on the night Beset By Rapists just shows how good DFC has become – both technically and as songwriters. Absolutely shredding, the vibe was intense and all you could do was stand back and enjoy a slice of the brutality.

Coming to Perth for the second time in as many years, Grave approached their live show as they have their whole career. They just strode on stage, picked up their instruments and fucking delivered. It was great to see a band, with such a good back catalogue, adopt this ‘no-frills’ attitude. The music spoke for itself and they just went with it.

Twenty-six years on and still going strong, obvious favourites saw In Love and Christi(ns)anity get a response from the pit. But it was newer tracks from 2012’s Endless Procession Of Souls that caught the ear, with frontman Ola Lindgren even mentioning “…so you do like the new stuff, eh?”. They even played Morbid Ascent of their latest EP. Flawless, as always, there is little to fault with Grave live – a taste of death metal at its best.