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GRADE 2 Graveyard Island gets 8/10

Grade 2

Graveyard Island
Hellcat Records


Isle of Wight Oi! punk trio Grade 2 recently dropped the title track from their third LP Graveyard Island.

Since forming in 2013, they’ve released several EPs and two LPs, 2016’s Mainstream View and 2017’s Break The Routine, but have remained relatively under the radar. That’s unlikely to be the case anymore, with Graveyard Island recorded and produced by Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, and mixed by The Interrupters’ Kevin Bivona.

With those names involved, you’d be forgiven having a preconceived expectation. Tread lightly though, their signature elements are certainly infused, but Grade 2 were sure to stomp their own boot print on it.

Graveyard Island kicks off quick and heavy, emitting a Black Lungs sounding thrash punk vibe that summons an instant desire to mosh. While the tone changes when the more subdued, melodic chorus kicks in, the atmosphere is maintained as vocal contributions are encouraged.

An apparent anthem for disgruntled working-class youth, Graveyard Island proves punk is still as relevant and present as it’s ever been. With so much shit happening in the world, there’s a lot for punk bands to rally against, and that’s exactly what bands like Grade 2 are doing.

The album’s now out and grabbing it for this track alone is worth it. Forewarning though, the remainder is equally as good so prepare for some extensive playtime.


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