GRACE SANDERS Green gets 8/10

Grace Sanders



Grace Sanders will be a talent to watch going forward if latest single Green is any indication. The Perth artist’s three singles up to this point were solid guitar-driven indie pop, but they were little indication of the direction taken here. Sanders has paired her pop stylings against some very cool electronic grooves to create a song that comes across like a psychedelic Stella Donnelly.

This is largely thanks to some brilliant production that plays off contrasts. The song’s verses are hazy and psychedelic, floating atop electric piano and laidback drums. The chorus is another matter entirely, with moody electronic bass¬†stabs and buzzing arpeggiated synth notes that create a kaleidoscopic effect.

Sanders’ voice is on point throughout, smoky and soulful during the verses but also dexterous, switching from melodic phrasing to the jazzy stop-start delivery of the closing bridge with ease. It’s a neat piece of writing too, with a protracting vocal melody that plays with expectations. Lyrically its as relatable as anything in these post-COVID times, capturing the feeling of being overwhelmed as life floats on by around you.

If you’re looking for some soulful indie pop with a electronic bite, look no further. Catch her launching it Saturday, August 29 at the all new Barbes in Perth, with support from Myriad Sun, Hyclass and Alienboy (DJ set).