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Harvest Of Gold

Dew Process / Universal

There is a pleasing duality at play throughout Harvest Of Gold – for every electronic sparkle of its star-bright production is a moody left turn, and for all the ‘broken hearted child’ tremble in Gossling’s voice, it’s a decidedly adult record – a sexy, lived in and deeply felt reflection on loss.

These traits reach their apex on the mournful, graceful Songs Of Summer, a duet with Alexander Burnett chronicling the descent of romance into ‘just TV and a permanent furrowed brow’. But they are present from the offing, when the delicate intro of Big Love gives way to the bass rumble of the chorus.

Harvest Of Gold is in a state of perpetual slow burn from start to finish, from the moody pulsing tease of Never Expire to the stately heartbreak of Pulse, finally paying off with the melancholy, soulful ache of A Lovers Spat. It’s a great break up album, sure, but it’s beautiful and weighty enough to stick just as well to those of us who’re mended.


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