is a Noongar place name for the area between Perth Train Station and the Perth Cultural Centre, meaning “the place children go where the red clay and the Waakul came down”. As part of NAIDOC 2019 a series of films and digital exhibitions showcasing indigenous talent and storytelling will be shown in the Perth Cultural Centre . From July 7-14 the Goologoolup NAIDOC Screenings will show both animated and live action feature length and short films, as well as digital presentations of indigenous art and language.

The centerpiece to this collaboration between The Perth Cultural Centre Screen, the State Library of WA, and the State Theatre Centre, will be a free screening (July 13) of Warwick Thorton‘s 2017 documentary We Don’t Need A Map in the Heath Ledger Theatre . This bold poetic essay tackles the question of the meaning of the Southern Cross, from the spiritual significance to the aboriginal people to the misappropriation by ideologies today. Imbued with Warwick’s cavalier spirit, this is a fun and thought provoking ride through Australia’s cultural and political landscape.

Screening with We Don’t Need A Map will be the short film Yulubidyi – Until The End, about a young aboriginal man’s struggle to protect his disabled brother from life in a harsh remote community.

Throughout the week there will be screenings of The Dreaming series, an animated collection of oral history and storytelling from 40,000 years of Aboriginal culture (in the State Library of WA), as well as exhibits – Artitja: Our Land | Our Place, Tjarlirli & Kaltukatjara Art, The Yokayi Postcard Project, and the Noongar Language Project.

Goologoolup NAIDOC Screenings will be shown in the Perth Cultural Centre  from July 7-14. All events are free, however tickets are encouraged, and available here.