Mei Saraswati (photos by Rachael Barrett)-1
Mei Saraswati – Photo by Rachael Barrett

The Bakery
Friday, December 19, 2014


The Bakery was full of Christmas cheer and happy party people for the Good Times Arts Inc. Xmas Party, including some of Perth’s most talented bands and DJs to entertain the revellers. The big space of The Bakery can sometimes create a bit of isolation between crowd and artist but the audience all pushed forward to create a fantastic intimacy and sense of energy.

Starting off the evening were the interestingly titled Dream Rimmy and their dreamy shoegaze stylings. Thoughtful chord progressions and smooth tides of reverb provided a chilled parentheses to the otherwise driving and energetic tunes. Great music to float away with as the night got into gear.

Erasers were up next with an exploration in drone and the more psychedelic side of things. Slow builds and big fuzzy basslines were the order of the day and the music provided a huge amount of energy from just a duo. Coming in waves like any good buzz, there was plenty of detail to lose yourself in as synth merged with extra terrestrial vocals.

Rabbit Island made their way to the stage next to continue the good vibes. Rabbit Island come prepared with some immensely thoughtful music courtesy of prolific local songwriter, Amber Fresh. The tunes ranged from tribal and pounding catharsis to mournful and considerate numbers that were almost folk like. At this point the feeling of the music was almost transcendental and the crowd eagerly nodded and swayed.

Bringing a slightly funkier flavour to the proceedings and with a big line up of talented musicians, the Mei Saraswati Band took to the stage next with their soulful productions. Mei’s vocals remain crystalline and magnificent while employing up-tempo, r’n’b style rhythmic devices to push the energy upwards. Some wonderful percussion in the form of crisply mixed congas and chimes felt very big and luscious to behold in the Bakery’s cavernous space. Soda Lite closed off the night as revellers continued to imbibe and enjoy the good feeling that had been built over the night.

Christmas is a great time for the various crews and scene’s to essentially put on a showcase of their favourite bands and upcoming talents, and there was plenty of wonderful music to be found at The Bakery on this night. The crowd this music pulls is also one of the most lovely, with everyone providing their energy to the bands in ways that a lot of other scene’s can’t find it hard to do. The notorious Bakery semi circle of listeners was simply not presents, and everyone pushed forward to give a real feeling of holiday cheer. Well played, Good Times Inc.!