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GONE IS GONE Sometimes I Feel gets 8/10

Gone is Gone
Sometimes I Feel
Clouds Hill Group


Gone is Gone is a supergroup that has been around for a few years now, consisting of some insanely talented musicians including Troy Sanders (Mastodon), Troy van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age), Tony Hajjar (At The Drive-In) and Mike Zarin – a multi-instrumentalist, composer and founder of Sencit Music. With a musical background of this pedigree, you can be assured the produce is high quality, however, if you go into their catalogue expecting something that is heavy or similar to their own bands, you could end up disappointed.

It’s something that you need to go into with no expectations and just let the music do the talking. Then you can fully appreciate the genius of Gone Is Gone and settle in to enjoy the many levels that just one song can provide – especially when accompanied with a music clip.

Sometimes I Feel starts off light, ethereal and almost happy with Sanders singing “happiness has found me” before the drums and guitar kick in, providing depth to the song. The video on the other hand is dark, nightmarish and predatory. A stark contrast from the music itself.

Sometimes I Feel is the perfect song for 2020. It depicts the struggles and fears that everyone around the world is feeling and the uncertainty of life itself, while highlighting our inbuilt desire to achieve happiness. The added alarm clock at the end of the clip is just one of the many layers built into the song and reinforces the idea of the nightmare year we have all faced.

It really is pure brilliance and leaves you wanting more from Gone Is Gone. Hopefully, they will shine that light at the end of the tunnel with an album announcement sooner rather than later.






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