Girl York

Girl YorkElectro-grunge three piece Girl York unveil their new single, Body Lies, at The Odd Fellow this Friday, September 5, with support from Trigger Jackets, Horror, My Friend and Oakland. We had a word with guitarist, keyboardist and singer, Shaun Martin.

What’s the Girl York story?

Daniel Byfield (drums) and I grew up together in the Wheatbelt watching our Dads playing in cover bands. We started playing music together from there and eventually started writing our own songs. Originally we were going to record an EP ourselves and went along to a WAM recording workshop at Fremantle Recording Studios. We met Brian Mitra (bass/synth) there and pretty much decided to have Brian record and produce the EP.

What’s your sound?

In the beginning we were a two piece piano and drums band so we sounded a bit like Ben Folds or Dresden Dolls. But I think the first EP has some influences from Nirvana (or grunge in general) and Tame Impala as it was the first time we could actually get away from playing just two instruments and do whatever we wanted.

Tell us about Body Lies. What made it stand out as a potential single?

Body Lies is probably the prettiest song on the EP and I guess that’s why we thought it would make a good single. Its a sugar-pop song that we all enjoy playing and I think it’s a song that that people might be able to connect with best lyrically.

Where did you record and who with?

We recorded it down at Fremantle Recording Studios with Brian Mitra. It was actually the first song we ever recorded on day one of our EP tracking.

What’s up next for you?

Next up for me is started a new job working in Chile! In between all that we will be playing shows and touring the EP when it comes out and then start working on our next release.

Check out the event here.