GINGZILLA: LIVE AND LOUD @ The Gold Digger gets 9.5/10

@ The Gold Digger at Fringe Central
Saturday, January 18, 2020


Gingzilla is a goddam gorgeous and charismatic powerhouse with the voice of a baritone angel, and a history that has proven their star power. They rose to international fame on America’s Got Talent, with a debut on American television that blew away Simon Cowell, the other judges and Terry Crews, who became fast fans. Sydney born and bred, Perth is about to claim them as a queen of this year’s Fringe.

For the unitiated, Gingzilla is a 7 foot bearded drag queen who thoroughly revels in their feminine side and lives for exploding preconceived notions of gender through song and engaging audiences in just being themselves loudly.

Gingzilla epitomises a true diva of the highest order, and we are blessed with their presence at FRINGE WOLRD 2020. They are sassy, brassy and ballsy as hell, but with the singing chops to back it up. Gingzilla is not here to play, and the sold out audience on opening weekend were utterly bewitched by their peculiar brand of queer magic, resulting in a well-deserved standing ovation and endless amounts of foot stomping ready to shake down the venue with sheer love and enthusiasm.

It is very rare to see such a mixed audience of hugely varying backgrounds and ages so thoroughly brought together by a solo performer who might normally be averse to their own sexualities, but Gingzilla unites all. There was not one person resisting singing along with pop hits, all united in a love for music and freedom of expression. It was a uniquely Fringe moment of solidarity that was absolutely worthy of the standing ovation received so gratefully by the self-effacing star.

It is guaranteed that you will sing, empathise with the struggles of being queer and different, relate to their story, and find the entire show completely accessible and gloriously joyful. Gingzilla is setting an example for all as to how to live your best life – freely, gloriously and proudly. And an example for all to dress or present in whatever way makes you feel beautiful, because when that light shines, everyone sees it.