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The eagerly awaited debut album Aleph from dark techno French producer Gesaffelstein does not disappoint. From the minimalist album art and the dark overcast opener Out Of Line, you know from the get-go that the album is going to be an intense and eerie experience into the distinct world of Gesaffelstein. Pursuit, Hate Or Glory, Trans and Obsession share that thumping industrial-tech electro sound, the forward motion and the hits on the 2s and the 4s, reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails’ Closer. The album is contrasted with slow minimalist ‘80s electronica soundscapes on Piece Of Future, Wall Of Memories and Aleph, which could have easily fit onto the Drive movie soundtrack. Gesaffelstein admittedly doesn’t count himself a fan of hip hop, but his track Hellifornia is certainly a sinister ode to ‘90s west coast rap and you can’t help but visualise a pimp in an OTT car bouncing to the track. With a cross-selection of genre odes from EDM, hip hop and old school rave, Aleph is a stunning debut, one which firmly cements his position as a producer set for a long and successful career as this initial taste of Gesaffelstein leaves you wanting more.


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