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GEORGIA REED The Fear gets 7/10

Georgia Reed
The Fear


A pleasing stylistic shift into the contemporary can be felt on local songstress Georgia Reed’s latest single The Fear. Throwing down the hints of heavier rock and roll for something a little more reverbed and wistful, there is a brooding quality which just can’t be shook.

With the music video featuring old childhood scenes intermixed with modern footage of Reed, there is a deep, personal – albeit nostalgic – quality to The Fear which helps give it an introspective feel. Featuring a strong chorus with the lyric “the fear is in your head” providing a particular punch in the gut it finishes up with a rapturous breakdown of instrumentals, the track delivering on both audible and emotional qualities.

It’s a neat number from Reed and an enticing step to where she will go as a local artist – who knows what will be next for her.


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