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Geoffrey O’Connor


Fan Fiction

Chapter Music


In 2011 Geoffrey O’Connor put his guitar down and walked away from his notable pop outfit, Crayon Fields. He continues his steps further into synth pop territory with his second solo album, Fan Fiction.

Fan Fiction is pretty much a one-man show as O’Connor plays almost all of the instruments with only a jot of help from his friends (some vocals from Jessica Venables and piano from Sparkadia’s Alexander Burnett). O’Connor recorded some of the album in England and the reminder in his own Vanity Lair in Melbourne. Fan Fiction melds the club sounds of those two cities with ease.

It is hard to listen to Jacqueline without immediately giving it a repeated spin. The lovelorn single that is high on energy and style, coming across as a tune that would be born out of a union between Phil Oakey and Howard Jones. In contrast, Her Name On Every Tongue is more pared down and a suave slice of adult contemporary disco.

With Fan Fiction, O’Connor has made a record to put on when the lights are out and the bath salts are at the ready, with the likelihood it will offer the appraise soundtrack all the way until breakfast.



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