TC Electronic has been synonymous with some of the best sounding reverbs in use on recordings for a long time. The company has now collected ten iconic reverb sounds you know and love into a great-sounding and very versatile pedal, the Hall Of  Fame.

The Hall Of Fame allows players to experiment with reverb and achieve just the right effect. With 10 different reverb types from plates to springs to churches and more, there are a lot of tonal options on offer.

The Delay, Tone and Level controls provide wide range of tonal options, from subtle ambience and gate reverbs, through to huge church and hall reverbs. The modulated reverb sound is particularly impressive and can be dialed in to create some lush chorus sounds. As with all current TC Electronic products, this pedal also features the Tone Print feature which allows users to upload custom settings from famous players into their own unit via the website.

Stereo in and out options as well as true bypass provide the finishing touches that more discerning tonemeisters will expect, built into TC Electronics’ well-known rugged chassis. There is also an analog dry-through so the dry guitar signal can be mixed in unaffected.

The TC Electronic Hall Of Fame reverb pedal is a worthy addition to any pedal board at a retail price of $299.

TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Reverb Pedal
TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Reverb Pedal


The Fender Blues Junior III Black Paisley amplifier looks as great as it sounds. Packing 15 watts of valve power into a small, attractive package, the amp includes features such as a 12” Eminence Governor speaker, top-mount black control panel, glorious-sounding spring reverb, heavy-duty “chicken head” knobs, vintage-size jewel light, and external speaker capability,

It’s a great-looking amp that captures one’s eye immediately with the glossy black paisley finish. Ultimately though it’s all about catching one’s ear and this amp has the classy tone to match. There’s ‘that’ Fender clean tone, which sparkles even at lower volumes, but the amp can also be over-driven to a nice creamy blues-rock tonality. Although it is not a two-channel amp, this is achieved by setting the volume at full power and then adjusting the master for overall levels. The ‘Fat’ button adds just a little extra punch too, and can be controlled via an optional footswitch.

Ideal for recordings, smaller gigs or just home use, the Fender Blues Junior III Black Paisley amplifier will suit players chasing warm classic tones at a retail price of $1699.

Fender Blues Junior III Paisley Amplifier
Fender Blues Junior III Paisley Amplifier


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