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Ibanez GWS100 Power Pad Work Station
Ibanez GWS100 Power Pad Work Station


The Ibanez GWS100 Power Pad is a portable workstation designed for re-stringing or repairing guitars while on tour, in the studio, or just away from the workshop.

This lightweight, relatively small kit folds up easily, making excellent use of the included carry bag, which looks professional and isn’t much bigger than say a laptop sleeve. When folded out, the Power Pad provides a soft surface to place instruments on complete with a raised neck section to make string replacement and winding fast and efficient.

At an RRP of around $69, the Ibanez GWS100 Power Pad Work Station will find its way into many a travelling or gigging guitarist’s accessories.


DAddario Planet Waves Pro-Winder copy
D’addario Planet Waves Pro Winder


The bare minimum amount of tools required to change strings on an electric or acoustic guitar (or most stringed instruments with machine heads for that matter) is usually around two or three: a string winder for fast tension setting, a set of pliers/cutters to remove excess string length, and again a set of pliers or some form of tool to remove bridge pins in the case of acoustic instruments. The D’addario Planet Waves Pro Winder reduces tool requirement down to just one.

The Pro-Winder is a high-quality peg winder with a built-in clipper and bridge pin puller and is designed for use with the majority of guitars, basses, banjos, and mandolins. Ergonomically designed and featuring durable hardened steel wire cutters, the Pro-Winder is a well-designed, fully functional re-stringing tool. The Pro-Winder will fit easily into a guitar case or bag and a bass guitar version is also available.

D’addario and Planet Waves continue to make guitarists’ lives easier with the Pro-Winder that retails for around $29.95.


Products reviewed at Mega Music, Wangara.



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