GAME ON From console to concert

Western Australian Charity Orchestra‘s (WACO) award-winning ensemble, the WA Wind Symphony will be taking things to the next level at Riverside Theatre on Thursday, November 25. 

After receiving over a hundred submissions, GAME ON will feature music favourites from gaming history including The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Super Mario, Undertale, Skyrim and more. In an immersive community event, participants and goers are invited to wear any game cosplay and memorabilia to the concert.

“The soundtracks of video games are hidden gems of brilliance,” the concert’s conductor and creative director, Samuel Parry said. “Some of the music we’re performing is from games I know really well, and some I’ve only just discovered. There are majestic soaring melodies, driving African-inspired rhythms, groovy big band charts and fantastic aural special effects. Whether you’re a gamer or not, there’s something for everyone in this epic show!”

The Western Australian Charity Orchestra Inc. (WACO) is a not-for-profit music organisation that has been performing for the Perth community since 2008. They’re a team of over 150 volunteer musicians and 60 chorus members, who come from diverse cultural and performance backgrounds, with ensemble members undergoing a strict blind audition process each year.

GAME ON hits Riverside Theatre on Thursday, November 25. To buy tickets and for more info visit