Gambling Addiction Books

With gambling becoming a very effective form of entertainment, gamblers and others who enjoy the practice need references to books and other literature that would guide them to avoid any misfortune. There is something called gambling addiction, but those addicted to rocket play pokies would not accept that fact.

Addiction comes with a spirit that keeps you going; it starts as fun and then takes you into the dark to tie you down. You would see yourself using your bankroll and life savings to gamble; this can be catastrophic. This article will highlight some books written on gambling addiction to guide those involved in the act.

1.      Gambling Addiction with PC – console and online games

This book was written by Chris Wolker, Annete Bredendick. It says that’s gambling addiction is now a global problem; children, teenagers, and adults have either been affected by this disease or are concerned with it. It talks about how the addiction grows from just fun into a serious problem. The book aims to put you on your feet again and teach you to manage and respect your resources.

2.      Know When To Hold ‘Em

A guide for spouses of problem gamblers written by EdD, Dye, LMHC, Damon. It teaches people to question the gambling addiction of their loved ones and know when to set boundaries for them. The authors provide valuable information for innocent victims, spouses to rebuild their family finances, protect their children, and decide whether to trust their husband or wife again.

3.      Stock Market Gambling Addiction Help

This book guides you through some lessons about gambling addiction and tells you why you will lose money and why you have lost money in the stock market. Dan Plouff, the author, focuses on losers and teaches novices about the pitfalls that may arise. The book teaches investors some ways of making a profit. It is a short book with great information.

4.      Gripped by Gambling

Marilyn Lancelot wrote it, and it talks about how the nightmare of gambling begins. She stated that it starts with alcohol addiction then moves to drug prescription and overeating before gambling takes the wheel. This is focused on a woman’s journey back from the loophole she created for herself.

5.      The Gambling Addiction Patient Workbook

Robert R Perkinson wrote this book; he said that addiction needs a set of exercise counselors that can help patients through with the best treatment. The book makes addiction patients feel as though Dr. Perkinson is their mentor, and they are conversing with him. It takes patients through a vast area of expertise and guides them to recovery.

6.      Gambling Addiction Journal

This book was written by Alexander Marie Journals, who speaks about how gambling addicts can identify their gambling spirit. The journal helps gambling addicts write down what triggers their addiction and provides them with notes on how to make it through their addiction.