FUEGO CARNAL @ Empyrean gets 8/10

Fuego Carnal @ Empyrean
Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Fuego Carnal (meaning “fire” and “blood brothers”) is a show that pushes the limits, showcasing an international cast of aerialists, sword swallowers, fire manipulators, and more. The show had graced FRINGE WORLD with its presence before, however this year the award winning production pushed the limits even further, with the husband and wife duo behind the big top style circus extravaganza delivering what could be one of Fringe 2020’s biggest hits.

The show featured a variety of different acts that you would expect to see performed in a huge expansive circus arena. And yet the small crowd that packed into the Empyrean almost made the show feel more intense, up close and personal. There was plenty of crowd interactions in typical Fringe style, and each act seemed to top the last as they built towards a climatic finale.

Fuego Carnal was a perfect example of the scale in which Fringe events are able to perform on as each year see’s the festival grow and the shows continue to push past the ceiling of festivals prior.

This really felt like you were able to experience something spectacular and each act had people hanging off their seats and covering their eyes. It wasn’t just the complicated acrobatic sequences or hair-raising circus stunts; it was the stunning sound and visuals from producer Dustin Bint that made what could have made a stunning street performance feel like a big time circus production.

You were unavoidably immersed in the atmosphere they created inside that little tent in Yagan Square, and they used almost every inch of it as the acts performed complicated acrobatics, with the fire all around just adding to the intensity of what was already an agonisingly entertaining form of showmanship.

Among a few different supporting acts was everything from sword swallowing, to contortionists and a host of other classic circus style performances each with its own dark flavour and each performed by a different personality of Dream State’s line up of internationally acclaimed artists.

Fuego Carnal is one of the biggest productions for Fringe in 2020, and it could be a taste of things to come as each year’s success pushes the boundaries and expectations that acts have to perform under. If purpose built arenas, and large scale circus productions are the future, then Fuego Carnal will have room to try bigger and bolder things in years to come.