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FUCK OFF & DIE Breaking up is hard to do

Fuck Off & Die – A Guide To Getting Through The Fucked Up First Month Of A Break Up was released at the Emergence Creative Festival in Margaret River and is now set to be launched in Perth at The Bird on William Street on Monday, June 19 from 7pm

Unless you are some nihilist sub-human harvester that chews people up and spits them out for social and political hierarchy, chances are you’ve been dumped once or a few times in your life.

It sucks, it hurts and you’ve got some recovering to do to get back on your feet and be awesome again. Fuck Off & Die has got your back, it is a handy manual on how to get yourself through a nasty or not break up and deals with the daily issues you might be faced with. A joint collaboration between Margaret River local and wordsmith Sarah Robinson and ridiculously talented Perth illustrator Jade Foo, the book focusses on activities you can do to empower yourself while being a hilarious and entertaining read in its own right.

Robinson said, “I wrote the book after my shitty break up because I read a bunch of articles telling me to meditate and be wholesome, but I could hardly get through an hour of the day, let alone do a freaking downward dog. So I did other stuff that made me feel better straight away; they’re the activities that make up the book.”

Sarah quickly finished the book to help a friend get out of an abusive relationship. She figured if the book could get her through the first month she might not go back, and she didn’t.  “That first month is especially f**ked, because you miss him, even though you probably know he’s not good for you,” Sarah said. “If you need to chain smoke to get through it, do it.”

The book is available for sale from or Diabolik Books in Mt Hawthorn. Part proceeds of every book sale goes to a shelter in the South West that supports women leaving situations of domestic violence (which makes it awesome).

You can follow F**ck Off & Die from their official Facebook page or keep up with their blog at The book launch at The Bird on Monday, June 19.

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