Who are we talking to?

Arielle Gray – Performer/Deviser

What’s your show about?

When Tilly’s dad died, she found out she has a half sister, Yoshi. Yoshi is everything that Tilly isn’t, full of colour, energy and independence. Tilly is more of an autumn tones kind of person, who likes history and Jane Austen and thinking about the small things, like tea and toothbrushes. Yoshi and Tilly have to try and work out how to be sisters and how to negotiate each other. They are the original odd couple: sister style.

Who’s gonna like it?

It’s going be fun, high energy, colourful and it’s about all the things that can go wrong with a family relationship so anyone who wants to come will have a good time.

When and where is it on?

The Stables, February 3 – 9

What else are you looking forward to at this year’s Fringe?

Well for starters, I am a bit biased, but all the other Hunter shows: Monroe & Assoc., Fag/Stag, Elephents and Bruce. Also Kraken, Fake It Til You  Make It, 24 hour HOO HAA and Written It Down.

Anything to add?

We have an awesome soundtrack being composed by Alwyn Nixon-Lloyd (from Boys, Boys, Boys). It’s high energy, fun, has a sprinkling of video games, a slice of space jam and a touch of k-pop.