Who are we talking to?

 Libby Klysz.
What’s your show about?

This show could be about anything and everything. It’s 24 hours of improvised comedy. No scripts, no boundaries, no sleep.
Audiences will see all their favourite HOO-HAA! players from past and present, taking on a variety of genres and formats. Plus live music will be played throughout. Expect to see everything from sci-fi adventures in space, horror themed impro at midnight, and the infamous Father Pastor Rector’s Power Hour at 6am.


 Who’s gonna like it?
The night owls. The early risers. Those that like their tasty meals with a side of off the wall comedy.


When and where is it on?
The Moon Cafe. The show starts at 10pm on January 31 and runs for 24 one hour sessions until 10pm, February 1.. For every session that a punter stays they get $1 back off the ticket price!


What else are you looking forward to at this year’s Fringe?

Other than our two week season at Rosie O’Grady’s (we’ll have naps before it starts, don’t worry), we are hoping to Get Shazzied with Famous Sharron in the Urban Orchard and also get along to see the Sound & Fury boys, back from the US.

Anything to add?
The Big HOO-HAA! is in its 13th year now, which is incredible. After well over 600 two-hour shows, one little 24 hour stint can’t be so hard…. right? Right?
Head here for tickets.