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Who are we talking to?

Perhaps the greatest flâneur, raconteur and bon-viveur of modern times, so I am hoping these questions will be imbued with depth, and grandly philosophical in their nature.
What’s your show about?

Never mind, perhaps that was too much to expect.

The show covers many important topics of life – modernity, mortality, masculinity, morality, monogamy and, moreover, Marcel Lucont.

Who’s gonna like it?
Am I being interviewed by a Texan here? Well those are “gonna” like it will be largely those who have never said “gonna” and are never “going to.” Those unable to think and laugh at the same time should probably avoid the show also. If, however, you despair at human civilisation’s inevitable plummet into the chasm of stupidity and ignorance, but also enjoy wry comedy, bawdy sex poetry and rousing yet  ultimately depressing chansons, this is the show for you.
When and where is it on?
The Gold Digger until January 31, Summerset Arts Festival (Scarborough) February 3, and Midlandia, February 20 and 21.
What else are you looking forward to at this year’s Fringe?
Cabaret Fantastique, my spectacular late-night pick of the finest alternative international acts of the Fringe, January 23-28, De Parel Spiegeltent.
Anything to add?

23 + 23 + 23
For tickets and session times, click through here.


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