Who are we talking to?


Magnus Danger Magnus (Hello!)


What’s your show about?


Showing off the Fringiest and most eye-popping acts that I can get my greasy, cabaret-loving mitts on.


Who’s gonna like it?


People who want to see the best acts from the edge of entertainment. Folks with big eyes, open minds and short attention spans. 


When and where is it on?


Three nights only! February 5 – 7, where else but the Big Top in the Pleasure Garden?


What else are you looking forward to at this year’s Fringe?


The newlywed super carnie duo, Mat Fraser and Julie Atlas Muz (aka The Freak And The Showgirl), are returning to us. I’ve seen them do things that could turn a lumberjack into a porcelain doll.


 Anything to add?


I’ve been elbow deep in Fringe World since the first “test Fringe” in 2011, I’ve been in shows for everybody, but this is the first time I’m putting on my own show and I picked some real firecrackers to share with you, folks! I love Fringe!

For tickets, head here.