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chris turner

Who are we talking to?

The big boss man; the guy writing the jokes; the guy telling the jokes; the guy shuffling awkwardly when it transpires the audience don’t know what a ‘Stretch Armstrong’ is.

What’s your show about?

Being a teenager and finding out you’re going to die earlier than you thought. And that then transpiring not to be the case.

That is the central theme, that I proceed to jig around with jokes (and occasional physical comedy, if I’m desperate). I also extemporise rhymes (do freestyle raps), because it’s fun, and people seem to like it.

Who’s gonna like it?

The person who buys the tickets. Usually, someone will say, ‘this looks good’, or ‘I saw him last year, he was alright’, and then convince another person to come. They will then spend the show worrying whether their friend is enjoying themselves, and miss most of the jokes. I’m not saying don’t bring a friend, I’m saying bring hundreds; that way, there’s no chance you can concentrate on all of them, so you’ll be left with the show, and you’ll enjoy it. I think, logically speaking, I’m claiming that if you buy a ticket, you’ll enjoy the show. I buy a ticket to all my own shows for this very reason.

When and where is it on?

The Stables, February 12 – 15

Rosie O’Grady’s February 16 – 22

What else are you looking forward to at this year’s Fringe?

Seeing all the lovely performers and Perthians (pronounced like Persians, with a lisp) that I met last year, and introducing them to my four best friends from back home. I missed them last year, so this time I’m bringing them with me. It just so happens that we make up an improv troupe called Racing Minds, and we’re doing two different shows over the Fringe. Coincidence of course, coupled with months of coercion and planning.

Anything to add?

I have really talked up Fringe World and Perth to Racing Minds, so if no one comes to any of the shows, I’m going to look a right Nigel (British slang for ‘idiot’ [that I’m trying to establish]). Please, think of my innocent, boyish face, and come.

For tickets and session times, head here.


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