FRINGE WORLD Arts Editor Melissa Kruger’s Fringe binge update

With about a week and a half left of FRINGE WORLD 2020 the culture assault hasn’t waned one bit, and the quality of the shows has remained utterly class.

As always, you can read all our latest Fringe Reviews HERE, and for a look at some of the best upcoming shows, check out our Features page HERE.

My favourite shows from the last week…

I had the pleasure of seeing the grammatically sound Louisa Fitzhardinge’s Comma Sutra this week and left with zero surprise that this delightful cabaret comedy has sold out every FRINGE WORLD since 2017. This is a fantastic show Downstairs at the Maj, perfect for taking mum, your teacher friends, or any language enthusiast to.

Robyn Perkins did not disappoint with Mating Selection at Ice Cream Factory, using her very large brain and brilliant sense of humour to both shock, delight, and educate on the science behind human attraction. There are a few shows left, so get on it! But don’t take mum to this one…

If you’re looking for a lighthearted good time with a bedazzling personality as host, grab a wine and get to the delightful Tash York’s Winefulness. With Tash’s beautiful voice, good tunes, clever improv and sick raps about cats, this is the perfect girls night out.

I’ve heard great things about…


Love at the Blue Room Theatre is worth a mention as a charming show for kids with the ability of being ‘that show’ which sparks their love and passion for theatre. “It’s so easy to forget the kids when flicking through your Fringe guide, but Love is a perfect example of how the festival can be as family-friendly as it is feisty and filthy.”

Keep your eyes peeled for future runs of Phat Cab Club, this contemporary circus cabaret got a rave review. “The performers were personable, extremely talented and worked together like a well-oiled machine. This team could quite comfortably hold a regular spot performing professionally in Vegas to sell-out audiences one day.”


If you’re into heavy music and mythology, don’t look past Ragnarøkkr, with all music written and performed by three ledge local musicians. There are a few shows left and this one is on late – so it’s perfect for your second Fringe hit of the night.

For something a bit different, check out local taxidermist Hayley Walker’s A to Z of Taxidermy. “This is a weirdo’s awesome version of Sesame Street, and it is an intriguing journey through an art form that is often seen as something very dark and mystical… Hence why it’s worth taking a ride through something completely different to unpack, with an utterly engaging guide.”

Little Death Club

Weekly Award-winner Bernie Dieter’s Little Death Club at the Spiegeltent impressed as well, and with plenty more shows it’s not too late to go see why. “Bernie Dieter is a nonpareil star who provides a steamy atmosphere which is supremely delicious as the audience is lured into her sexy, sassy world of wonders,” we said

What I’m excited to see next…

For my weekly comedy fix, I’m hoping to catch Late Night Bone Moe in its extended season. This sketch comedy received high praises in its review: “Joyful, surreal, and escapist, the show sees audiences breathless with laughter.”

30 Day Free Trial

And for something a bit naughty, 30 DAY FREE TRIAL  is a raucous and personal hot take of our performed pornographic selves from two of Perth’s hottest (and most desperate) theatre-makers, and one laptop that’s seen too much.

Shows that come highly recommended by those in the know…

Kate Smurthwaite’s BITCH comes highly recommended by longtime X-Press writer and Fringe expert Natalie Giles.

Also on Nat’s must-see list for the week ahead are burlesque shows Clara Cupcakes – Top Bits, and Worship – The Gilded Editionas well as Tomás Ford in Kuala Lumpur – a musical with songs full of culture shock, degenerative illness and family bullshit.

Enjoy the final week and-a-bit of FRINGE WORLD 2020! Before we know it, the magic will be over for another year.