Who are we talking to?
A composite of Daniel, Dylan and Chris. Imagine an arty Norwegian with an afro and absurd pun-laden repartee. Basically Richard Ayoade.
What’s your show about?
It’s a besuited homage to the ’40s heyday of thrill-a-minute serialised radio adventures – and it’s completely improvised from audience suggestions! Think scurrilous villains imperilling the world, stiff-British upper lip and outmoded product placement – not to mention off-the-(perfectly ironed)cuff jokes coming thick and fast.
Who’s gonna like it?
Whether you’re a nostalgist or just keen to see the Empire lampooned, this classy period romp is the improv show that’s got everybody talking. And it’s much more exciting than the actual radio.
When and where is it on?
The Blue Room Theatre, February 10-14 and 17-21.
What else are you looking forward to at this year’s Fringe?
24 Hour pho in Northbridge; that first Aloe Vera Aftersun application of the afternoon; calling each other ‘whinging poms’ in our fauxstralian accents; watching Timothy Nelson perform Born In The ’90s live; cruising vineyards in the Swan Valley; and our show after a day spent cruising vineyards in the Swan Valley.
Anything to add?
Carve the runes, then be content with silence. [George Mackay Brown]
Head here for tickets and session times.