FRINGE WORLD 2015 Commence Le Festivale

The Freak And the Showgirl
The Freak And the Showgirl

The 2015 Fringe World program was unleashed upon a grateful public this week, with Festival Director, Amber Hasler, calling the city-wide celebration of outré art and performance “31 days of Perthfect.”

The 2015 festival runs from Friday, January 23, to Sunday, February 22, and this year features over 500 events at more than 100 venues.

Many familiar features are making a welcome return, including the Pleasure Garden in Russell Square and the Spiegeltent in the Urban Orchard. This year the Noodle Palace is making its home at Central TAFE in Francis street, courtesy of the JumpClimb team, while the Midlandia satellite location in Midland kicks off its second season from January 29, hosting 72 shows by 30 acts.

Fringe World also invades is also invading Fremantle this year with Freo Royale, which sees 100 performances take place across 10 Fremantle venues from February 4 – 15, thanks to the City Of Fremantle and Vulture Culture.

Another new wrinkle added to this year’s Festival is the presence of rickshaws hooning up and down James Street between the cultural Centre and the Pleasure Garden. Supplied courtesy of festival sponsor iiNet, they’ll be hurling patrons between the two main festival locations, ensuring you can schedule events at disparate spots without worrying about breaking a sweat trying to make curtain call.

A FUN FISTUL Five Acts You’ll Want To Catch

4 Stuntmen Of The Apocalypse: Seconds from Death

Four familiar faces from the Perth circus and burlesque scene come together to give us all new show with all new stunts. Guaranteed to shock and entertain.

Pirate Church: Shitstorm

Perth comedy legend Werzel Montague and Father Chris Bedding come together for another fantastic evening of theological musings, ribald humour and plunder.

The Freak And The Showgirl: Greatest T.I.T.S.

Madcap mutant Mat Fraser (American Horror Story) and glamour girl Julie Atlas Muz return to Perth for what is sure to be a sell-out series of shows that’ll push your buttons and tickle your fancy in equal measure.

Dave Callan: A Little Less Conversation

Comedian Dave Callan gives us a history of dance. What more do you need?

Luke Ryan: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Chemo

Luke Ryan wrote a book about his experiences with cancer, and now it’s a stand up comedy show.

Fringe World tickets are on sale now. For full info, hit up the official site here.