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Fringe Clippings: This Is Boylesque

Dirty LaundryBeing a quick look at what delights this year’s Fringe World has to offer.

Who are you?

Slanty-Eyes Unlimited; comprised of Mr Boylesque WA 2013 Jon Madd, and Mr Boylesque WA 2012 Johnny Domino.

What’s the show about?

A bunch of award winning boys who like to take their pants off in front of audiences, thinly veiled with circus skills and comedy. Mostly.

What’s it like?

They say boys will be boys and that they never grow up. This show confirms and affirms that statement.

You should go and see it if…

…you want to kick off or wrap up a big night over the weekend with laughs, gasps, and good times all round.

This Is Boylesque kicks of on Valentine’s Day at the Big top. For info and tickets go to Fringe World.

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