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Fringe Clippings

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 4.32.44 PMBeing a quick look at what delights this year’s Fringe World has to offer.

The Deb “Spoons”Perry Show – answered by Deb “Spoons” Perry.

Who are you?
A wife, mother , grandmother, farmer, teacher, birdwatcher, swimmer etc and percussionist who enjoys playing spoons and talking about her various spoon exploits. I live on a small sheep farm in Bridgetown,Western Australia.

What’s it about?
The show is an amazing journey into my world of spoons with energetic  performances and everyone coming along will learn how to play. It is lively and fun with many types of spoons being played to many genres of music.

What’s it like?
The show is full of energetic spoon playing interspersed with some of my “Spoon Trail” stories. Everyone will leave feeling happy and joyful having made  an incredible racket with their newly found skill. It is fun!

See it if…
…you want to see one of the world’s best spoon players right here in Perth. You will be inspired and have fun!

Deb “Spoons” Perry plays at Casa Mondo from February 5 – 7. Go here for tickets and info.

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