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Fringe Clippings

These-GuysBeing a quick look at what delights this year’s Fringe World has to offer.

These Guys – answered by Libby Klysz, director.

What’s it about?
Every woman has five men that influence her life, from chance encounters to family members. We meet the five men that influence Sarah’s life.

What’s it like?
A butterfly effect show! The audience get to choose which men will influence her life each night, so each show will be different according to which men, and in which order, they meet her.
It’s funny, it’s surprising, it’s very human.

You should go and see it if…
…you like live music in shows, you like connecting dots and you like people.

These Guys runs at The Blue Room Theatre from February 18 – 22. Go here for info and tickets.

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