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Fringe Clippings

64753_359552500742444_705468550_nBeing a quick look at what delights this year’s Fringe World has to offer.

The Lords Of Luxury – answered by Dan Debuf

What’s the show called?
Well, first of all, there are two shows. Our prime time show is The Lords Of Luxury – our self-titled sketch-splosion sequel to the one we toured west last year. But this year, we’re also doing After Dinner Mint, with guests, games, goofery and good ol’ times.
What’s it about?
Ah, the eternal question. What, truly, is anything all about? Oh actually, this year our Spiegeltent show has a bit of a story line to it! You see, we found a short story that Lord Luke wrote when he was 14 – a sc-fi action romance – and we bring it to life onstage. It’s the most amazing story ever told.
What’s it like?
After Dinner Mint changes every night! But you can be sure whenever you see us onstage it’s going to be intimate, classy, unusual and with a frisson of excitement. Like a bathtub full of champagne, or a tongue in the ear.

5) you should go and see it if…
…you want to be swept away to a world of tuxedo-clad absurdity by four follically gifted best pals with moments of magic, murder, wine-tasting and extra-terrestrial romance. And who the hell doesn’t?

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