FRIGHTENED RABBIT Roadless gets 7/10

Frightened Rabbit
Atlantic Records


There is something whimsically brash about Frightened Rabbit’s latest single Roadless, the first single lifted from an EP of all new material called Recorded Songs, out now. Rustically acoustic and undeniably Scottish, the emotionally-grating vocals of lead singer Scott Hutchinson carry the track into a sombre, revelatory space.

A sharp drumbeat drives the verse home with soft acoustic drums and plenty of reverb coming from the electric guitar. Essentially a folk ballad jacked up to the rancour of an alt-rock track, it’s the lead-up and eventual arrival towards the chorus which sets up Roadless to be a nifty anthem constructed by Frightened Rabbit.

As contemplative as it is poignant; it feels like a Mumford and Sons’ track with a bit more depth and heart. The track is testament to what an indie rock band can do when they drop the fast-paced four-four rhythm to something a little more slow, introspective and undulating. A neat entry into growing the discography of Frightened Rabbit, it’s certainly a sweet track to get around.