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have released the set times for their all new Fremantle Spring Music Festival so you can start planning your night at The Aardvark and Rock Rover this Saturday, October 13. 

A great opportunity to check out two of the freshest venues in WA, at Rock Rover things will get loud and raucous. Catch the mindblowing and energetic Superego (FKA POW Negro), the drone sounds of Mt. Mountain, the in your face energy of Doctopus, the laid back neo soul of Shy Panther and indie wunderkids Figurehead. Plus, RTRFM’s brand new breakfast presenter DJ Taylah Strano on the decks between bands.

Down the road and to the left bask in the underground wonder of the The Aardvark and hang out with the sounds of Your Girl Pho, beat tape wonders Butter, the folk pop of Man Sandal, the electro thrill ride of Zàn and the song writing wonder of Bri Clark.

Start planning your Saturday:

Rock Rover
7:20pm – 8pm /// Figurehead
8:20pm – 9pm /// Shy Panther
9:20pm – 10pm /// Doctopus
10:20pm – 11pm /// Mt. Mountain
11:20pm – 12pm /// Superego FKA POW Negro

The Aardvark
7:20pm – 7:50pm /// Bri Clark
8:10pm – 8:40pm /// ZanMusic
9:00pm – 9:30pm /// Man Sandal
9:50pm – 10:30pm /// Butter
10:50pm – 11:30pm /// Your Girl Pho​

RTRFM’s Fremantle Spring Music Festival is this Saturday, October 13.

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