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FRANZ FERDINAND Always Ascending gets 6.5/10

Franz Ferdinand
Always Ascending



On first listen to Franz Ferdinand’s latest offering, your first thought is “what the hell am I actually listening to?” but because it’s Franz Ferdinand and you have a lot of respect for the band, you decide you will give it a chance and listen a few more times.

Always Ascending starts off quite slow but builds up with the keys (that would not be out of place in an EDM song) that leave you waiting for the bass to drop. However, as the song title suggests, that beat is always ascending and doesn’t give you the satisfaction of coming down. It’s actually a very clever arrangement and adds to the catchiness of the song.

The video clip is very typical for Franz Ferdinand. It never stays still and the camera is constantly moving. It leaves you almost dizzy and you just want it to stop and focus on just one thing. Again though, it adds to the excitement of the song and after a few listens, it will leave you hooked and wanting more.

Even though the first listen is actually quite strange, this song fits perfectly within their back catalogue and while they haven’t grown much as a band; in some ways, it is actually very comforting knowing that you don’t have to get used to a new style like you do with some of your favourite bands.

If this is just their first offering, then I will admit I am getting excited for the release of the new album (of the same name) next year and hope that they announce a national tour of Australia sooner rather than later.


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