Frankie Rose


Herein Wild


Brooklyn musician, Frankie Rose, has been an active member of the underground music scene of New York through her roles in garage rockers Crystal Stilts, Dum Dum Girls and The Vivian Girls, with most of her time spent on a drum stool. Herein Wild is the latest of her albums wherein she takes the reins.

With much of the music of the bands that Rose has moonlighted in having a focus on the melodies of the ‘60s, there is little surprise that Herein Wild is big on the pop stakes. Sorrow is a glistening slab of summer syrup that is all chiming guitars and Rose’s cheery vocal.

A student of the history of rock, Rose tackles goth/punk band The Damned’s Street Of Dreams with little of the original’s venom, yet remains a haunting beast with its up-and-down rhythms and low synth. Strings come in on Cliffs As High with Rose using breathy vocals as a tool of aural pleasure instead of for storytelling.

Herein Wild is a nice record that shows off the talent of Rose. It just may be a little too nice on this occasion, when some grime and dirt could have been in order.