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FRANKIE COSMOS Apathy gets 7/10

Frankie Cosmos

Sub Pop/Inertia


Like the title suggests, Frankie Cosmos’ new single Apathy is a world weary look at love. Stepping away from the naivety of previous releases such as If I Had A Dog, lyrically this song implies frontwoman Greta Kline (daughter of Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates) has experienced heartache and matured.

Upcoming album Vessel (out March 30) is part breakup album, part personal discovery. “So tired of myself around you,” delivers Kline, in words that contradict the band’s buoyant indie rock. In fact, the disarmingly sweet vocals belie the main premise of the song – how much effort are we willing to put into someone?

Having made music since her teens, and turning 24 soon, we have witnessed Kline grow both personally and as an artist. The formative experiences of her early twenties have influenced Apathy, which seems fully realised in comparison to some of her older, more lo-fi recordings.

In part we can assume this is also thanks to the band she has enlisted under her moniker, now that Frankie Cosmos is no longer a solo project. The collaborative effort has definitely elevated Kline’s sound, but Apathy is still recognisably a Frankie Cosmos song.


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