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FRANCES QUINLAN Your Reply gets 9/10

Frances Quinlan
Your Reply
Saddle Creek


Frances Quinlan steps away from her role fronting Hop Along to work on her debut solo record, and Your Reply is the latest offering from the album Likewise, which dropped last week. Quinlan embraces the freedom of this new project and invites a broader range of instruments into the equation.

Your Reply turns the volume down from her Hop Along days, with acoustic guitar, autoharp and keyboards leaving more space for her unique voice. There are few artists that are able to extract such unpredictable phrasing and yet still have hooks waiting around each corner.

Your Reply is no exception with erudite verses making way for a more straightforward chorus that highlights the palpable silences in relationships. Quinlan cements her place as one of the better songwriters and most emotive voices of her generation here. 


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