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Fox Cat Rabbit

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Members / instruments:

Bernardine Grigson – Guitar, kick drum, vocals

Keira Jane Ephraims – Vocals, tambourine, keys

When did you start playing music together and why?

We met in 2012 and played a few cover gigs together, we have been pretty much inseparable since! We really enjoyed the sound we were making, it was quite unique for the cover scene, and so we thought we should write our own folk tunes.

Describe your sound:

Whimsical cinnamon bicycle man

Who are your biggest influences?

We are influenced by basically everything we hear, new and old. There is something to cherish from every form of music, but by far our biggest influences… our mums

What have been some of the highlights for Fox Cat Rabbit so far?

We got to support Josh Pyke at his two Perth shows a few weeks ago.  We bought him a present and wrote a really mushy card to him and left it in his room.  When he found it, he made a huge thank you shout out to the crowd!  He said that in ten years no support act had been so thoughtful.  It was really touching.  We were so grateful for the show, JP absolutely rocked it.  And we made a heap of new fans who we are staying in touch with regularly.

As an acoustic folk act, how does modern music technology impact on your performance?

Not a lot.  There is heaps of effect driven wank going around, and we really embrace the fact that we are an acoustic act. We love knowing we create our sound using the absolute basics and just what’s on stage – guitar, percussion and vocals – and that it is still interesting and can capture people’s attention.

Where to from here?

Festival scene and tour of Aus… stay tuned…

Who are some of your other favourite local artists?

Bernardine – Bob Evans, Red Engine Caves, Birds of Tokyo

Keira Jane – my mum

What is the Meaning of Life According to Fox Cat Rabbit?

“Don’t bite your friends” – Yo Gabba Gabba

Favourite MoviesThe Sound of Music, Purple Rain

Favourite TV Shows30 Rock, Friends

Favourite AlbumHarry Belafonte’s Greatest Hits, So Fresh 2004… great year


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