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Four Things Denim and Music Have in Common

Music has a very special place in the human psyche, improving our mood and lifting our spirits. Whether it’s jazz, rock, pop, classical or something else, everyone has their own favourite songs to listen to.

But it’s not just music that can have this effect. The right outfit can also be extremely powerful. Being forced to wear something tight, stiff and unyielding can make you feel self-conscious and awkward. Contrast this with slipping into a comfy, much-loved pair of denims and the difference is clear.

Music and denim can both be very beneficial, soothing the soul in one swift move. And they have more in common than you might think. Here’s our lighthearted take on the four ways they are similar.

There’s a Piece for Everyone

All children are brought up differently, depending on their family’s beliefs. But the one thing that’s universal is music and singing. Children from every culture in the world experience being soothed with a lullabye, and as they get older, starting to sing their very first songs and nursery rhymes.

This love of music never leaves us and we unconsciously soak it up wherever we are. Whether you’re listening to the radio, you hear music in a shop or you relax with your favourite soundtrack, there’s a type of music for everyone.

And denim is just the same. Check out the offers from Target and you’ll see that even from a young age, there are the perfect pair of jeans. Going outside for a play on the scooter? There’s a pair of cool biker jeans for just $10. Or for the child that’s constantly growing, a pair of elasticated jeans for $20.

Denim comes in every style and size possible, and that means for grownups too. He might love rocking his skinnies while you prefer a retro slouch. Denim comes in all shapes and sizes, including dungarees, skirts and even jeggings.

It Lasts Beyond Generations

 There’s nothing worse than when your favourite piece of clothing starts to fall apart. Even the most talented seamstress can only do so much to save a dress that’s riddled with holes.

Luckily, that’s not the case with denim. Hardwearing and tough, it doesn’t fall apart like fabric and if it gets a hole, it can be easily patched. This means that the same pair of jeans can be passed down through the generations, a timeless classic.

And that’s the same for music. Whether you prefer the soulful inflection of Something For Kate or the sass of Cardi B, there is also lots to appreciate in the music of yesteryear. Perhaps your grandparents always played a certain song, or maybe you love the music in the old movies. However you discovered it, the one thing that’s true is that good music never dies.

You Can Make Your Own Rendition of an Older Version

 Cover versions of songs are a real Marmite affair; you either love them or hate them. But one thing is true: you can’t escape them.

When the world fell in love with Whitney Houston belting out “I Will Always Love You”, not everyone realised that it was actually a 1974 Dolly Parton song. Being able to reinvent music is a real talent and helps to breathe new life into an older version.

And you know what we’re going to say, right? It’s the same for denim too. Whether you transform that old pair of jeans into some smoking hot cutoffs, or give them a brand new look with applique and dye, there are lots of ways to make older denim look completely different.

Just like how two musicians work together to make beautiful music, denim bottoms work with different styles of tops to create fashionable outfits with chill vibes. Denim goes well with anything, whether it’s a grunge band tee, a formal dress shirt, or an elegant lace blouse.

An Old Piece Can Still Be a Classic Today

 But although you can reinvent and makeover old pairs of jeans, actually, you don’t have to. That vintage look has a unique appeal even if you don’t change a thing. No-one says that you have to wear the look that’s currently on-trend. If you adore your bootcut denim, then carry on rocking your style in your own inimitable way. There’s nothing more attractive than someone who knows their own brand and isn’t afraid to commit to it.

And it’s just the same for music. Sure, there are some outstanding cover versions that rework and update the track. But there are many classics that don’t need a single note changed. For example, Bing Crosby’s White Christmas may have been released in 1954 but it’s just as perfect today as it was back then.

So there you have it, music and denim, the two constants that we can’t help but love!

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