Forever The Sickest Kids

Fearless Records

Following the loss of Marc Stewart and Kent Garrison, Forever The Sickest Kids set out on the next chapter of their careers. Rejuvenating their structure and sound, the quartet has maintained their cliché pop-punk characteristics of fun melodies and upbeat vibes whilst also moving towards a newer electro-pop sound. The approach will inevitably draw you in, but ultimately leave you feeling disappointed with its lack of creativity.

After a convoluted and confusing starter, the LP really kicks off with Nice To Meet You, a solid mix of synth and harmonies that screams Motion City Soundtrack. The momentum continues with Nikki, which features pumping choruses and Kesha’s mixing crew.

After 10 solid tracks, Forever The Sickest Kids, closes off J.A.C.K with the exploration of young adulthood in Cross My Heart. The song contains the strongest lyrical content of the album but its ideologies contradict prior track, My Friends Save Me, leaving us wondering the overall message of the album. Forever The Sickest Kids have almost reached the peak of their sound and once they fix a few tiny errors, their next LP should be one to remember.