Right Time Burning

Wingette Records


You can be pretty sure that a band called Forever Since Breakfast aren’t going to put out an album that cost them a fortune to make in studio time. The first-idea-is-the-best-idea philosophy led to a debut that was a four album box set. The same spirit applies to the follow up Right Time Burning, which was also written and recorded in a rush by the NSW trio who didn’t scrimp on the melody.

The love of all things lo-fi rears it head early on the fuzzed out and somewhat chaotic 1:15 On A Friday Night that falls somewhere between Sebadoh and early Screamfeeder recordings. Timber, I Would is the sweeter side of the outfit with obtuse lyrics and a chorus that just won’t let go once it sets in.

The songs rarely outstay their welcome as ideas are condensed into a few minutes at most as Forever Since Breakfast frantically throw ideas at the dozen tracks on Right Time Burning. The psych pop of Whip Bird sounds like it has been wrapped in layers of toilet paper, The Older I Get is shiny power pop and Sometimes Drugs is a loping stroll through hazy melodies and acoustic guitars.

Featuring members of Muzzy Pep, The Stiffies and District Champion ensures that this is a guitar driven journey from the get go. Stopping at your favourite pitstops from the ‘90s, Right Time Burning is a collection of tunes for the latent slacker in all of us.