Force Majeure 6 feat. Shockone

Philly Blunt, Distro, Wuki

Saturday, September 20

Ambar Nightclub


Last Saturday’s Force Majeure, from set to set, can best be likened to climbing a mountain. The beginning was smooth, gave us time to stretch and appreciate our surroundings, but the steep descent started soon after with Distro and Wuki (from the UK and US respectively).


By 11:30, Philly Blunt saw the underground sauna beginning to fill to the brim, serving up some seriously sweet melodies that created an atmosphere best described as a “worked-up version of mellow”. This sentiment was quite apparent in his sampling of Kendrick Lamar’s Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe, and we sure weren’t going to be killing anything as we were syphoned into his set.


Distro demonstrated his talent for variety by using some old Bublé in the form of Sway. Paired with some nice bass, he had us all dancing with him to the “When the marimba rhythms start to play” hook. It was a nice refreshing change for the bucket hat apes in the foggy corners of the club, I’d say.


If you had been anywhere else in Perth around the midway mark, you were making monumental mistakes, and probably should consider your life choices right about now. The amount of lactic acid build up contained in my legs could not and did not stop me from continuing to jump around to Wuki. He had us getting low and boarding the Vengabus. Not single person in there was void of sweat – be it their own or another’s.

At this point, the question of ‘who is the special guest?’ almost slipped my mind as the artists continued to pitch magic tricks at us. But there was no doubt in my mind we were almost at the summit. Every time I came up for air, I’d felt like I’d missed another step towards a product of wonder and awe. And which special guest put us all into shock? Shockone – of course. Right bang on the minute before his set, the place was flooded with dance enthusiasts and a sense of incredible yearning for bass. Shapes were being thrown in any spaces that could be found as he launched us into his chasm of electricity and bass. My favourites from his souped-up versions would have to have been Revolusion by Eliphant and Chase and Status’ No Problem. They created the perfect balance between DnB and trap. His own Lazerbeam ft. Metrik was blasted out and kept us moving. His entire set smothered in some of the filthiest bass and drops put us all on the same page as he polished it off with his hit Chaos Theory. The night ended on an encore and the sun started to peak its head, as we took our worn and treated bodies to lay our heads to rest.